Should I quit my terrible job?

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No Hope For Help

Dear Aunty Em,

I hate my job. I’ve been employed there for just over a year and I can’t stand it. I do the same thing every day, I don’t get on well with my boss and I have little in common with my coworkers.

I’ve been job hunting for a while but haven’t found anything else yet. I hate it so much I just want to quit now but how bad an idea is it to quit my job without having something else already lined up yet? I know it’s not ideal but I feel like I can’t stand it any longer here!


Dear Darren,

Don’t quit your job because you hate it! If you quit then it means they WIN. Besides, it’s a known fact that everyone hates their job anyway so you’d never find a job you like anyway.

No, instead of quitting what you should…

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One thought on “Should I quit my terrible job?”

  1. If Darren is suffering at work, it has most likely bubbled over to something else; to get healthier on all aspects, quitting may work. Temp and entry level jobs abound. If he needs to and is ready to take an interim position, go for it. It stated if he quit they would win. In a bad situation, no one wins. Our time is finite and precious.

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