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Welcome, pull up a seat and make yourself at home. However, if you are reading this blog with the intent of learning the intricacies of fish development, you’re in the wrong place.
 When I use the term ‘fish’ I am simply referring to you and me, navigating the  murky waters of our careers. When we start swimming these shark infested waters we are easy prey. It is important to learn how to fend for ourselves, and it behooves us to do it quickly.
The average American will spend  about 91,000 hours working in their lifetime….That is a really longtime to just tread water. My goal is to make this time as valuable as and enriching as possible for as many people as I can.
I do not claim to be a career guru or to have achieved the pinnacle of success. What I do promise is to share some lessons that I have
learned (and am still learning), while navigating my career.

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