Job-Hopping: Career Killer or Savior? – Excelle

Job-Hopping: Career Killer or Savior? – Excelle. A huge question: this great article fleshes out the details. Thanks Excelle!


How To Recognize Your Success

As I sit here on my way back from a long business trip in Europe having finished a great book by Michael Towbin “Forget Strategy. Get Results”. I am empowered and armed with a new set of goals, to improve my life and hopefully the lives of others. As I ponder how I will implement these goals, I catch the excitement of returning home to my family. I envision my wife and 9 month old daughter that I have not seen for 12 days. It is in this moment that I am drowned in the waters of one of Towbin’s principles Fortune.

Towbin titles this section “Realize how lucky you are” He expounds upon this statement by describing the world’s population in relation to a village of 100 people, He shares the following facts:

  • The world will consist of 57 Asians, 21 Europeans, 14 Americans (North, Central and South) and 8 Africans.
  • 52 Women, 48 Men. 30 Caucasians and 70 Non Caucasians.
  • 30 Christians, 70 non-Christians. 89 Heterosexuals, 11 Homosexuals.
  • 6 People would poses 59% of the wealth and they would come from the USA. 80 would live in poverty, 70 would be illiterate, 50 would suffer from hunger and malnutrition.
  • 1 would own a computer. 1 would have a university degree.
Michael Towbin, OBE Forget Strategy. Get Results. Chapter 6 Fortune
Michael Towbin, OBE Forget Strategy. Get Results. Chapter 6 Fortune


These sobering statistics remind me of how successful or lucky I really am.  I have a loving wife and a daughter that is such a delight. I can enjoy their smiles and share my love for them, thousands of miles away through the marvels of Facetime and Skype. I can experience different cultures and people as I travel the world (although predominantly for business). I am travelling to our new home and functioning car. I will sleep on my warm bed and arise to make my 30 min journey to the office to do a job that I enjoy. I can practice my religion freely without the fear of persecution. These are just a few things that remind me of how fortunate I am. My intent of sharing this is not to gloat but to share what helped me enjoy this moment. I am tired, cranky having had not slept for 20 hours and after being randomly searched by airport security at almost every stop on my journey  but I feel blessed, I feel happy, I feel successful.

It is very easy to be sucked into a whirlwind of depressing thoughts because we may not be where we expected to be or we did not achieve something that we worked hard for. However before you reside yourself to these feelings, widen your perspective. List the things that you are grateful for, the things that you have achieved. Take time to smell the roses and find the motivation that you need to take the next steps towards your success.


Please feel free to share your successes, I would love to hear your inspiring stories.

Vision, Vision, Vision


“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision”  Helen Keller.
My wife and I are in the process of buying our first house. This, as you can imagine, is a time filled with excitement, yet sprinkled with trepidation. During our house hunt for the perfect place we came across 3 strong contenders. One stuck out above the rest. Zachary Drive. Was it the square footage? Price? Or the stylish updates? Kind of- but mostly it had a lot to do with thefeel of the home, the pictures on the wall depicting a happy family almost identical to ours. There was a perfect kid’s bedroom for our 7 month old daughter, a dining room with the exact Pottery Barn table my wife had been envisioning from the website… In short we could see ourselves living in it. So, naturally, we were devastated when a Cash Buyer swooped in and snatched up our dream property for well over asking price.

So, now you’re wondering what figurative relevance this could have to your career, it is this: Salary, title and benefits cannot define whether you are or will be happy with your job. It is you and your desires. In other words- your vision. A recent study carried out by UC Berkeley revealed that 48% of respondents felt that the most important job factor was “important work and a feeling of accomplishment” this ranked twice as high over salary and opportunities for advancement (
Many of life’s problems are the result of lack of vision, uncertainty or unfocused energy.Therefore, if you are reading this feeling dissatisfied with your current job or career trajectory I implore you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How did I get here?
  • Why am I here? 
  • Where would I like to be and why?

Answer these questions and you will uncover the steps you have made to get where you are today. And therefore, be equipped with your re-energized vision to chart a course to your desired destination. Make sure as you plan your journey, that you set specific milestones or goals. After all:

“When we deal in generalities, we shall never succeed. When we deal in specifics, we rarely have failure.” (Thomas.S.Monson). 


Becoming A Big Fish


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